Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lucia ~ Soy Candles

Lucia soy candles are inspired by the unforgettable memories of traditions past and by the clean, sensuous modernity of the future. If you like clean soy candle scents, these delicacies are the perfect accoutrements for your living space. Fragrant smells, beautiful colors and intriguing textures make these organic soy candles collectibles. All Lucia candles are a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to existing petroleum based paraffin candles. Lucia's organic Soya is sourced from farming collectives all over the world encouraging fair-trade communities.

I bought Lucia No 3 ( Tea Leaf & Honey Flower ) & Lucia No 6 ( Fresh Fig & Wild Ginger )and I was really impressed with the burn time, fragrance and quality of each candle.

The packaging is awesome, so they make a really great gift.

You can find the Lucia Soy Candles at Blush Beauty Bar located at 513 NW 23RD AV, PORTLAND,OR.


  1. I have some and I love them. I’m and Oregonian (born and raised)! Go Portland:)

  2. Will have to check them out, they look really pretty.

  3. How many scents do they have ?