Friday, March 25, 2011

Face Stockholm by Lazy Girl

I was very excited when the Head Blush Girl told me that she was getting in Face Stockholm at the store. If you couldn't tell, I am a huge makeup junkie. One of life's greatest pleasures for me is exploring a new makeup line. I have heard of a lot of them--even if I haven't physically touched them. Face Stockholm is one of them. HBG told me that this was a massive line--lots and lots to choose from, and since HBG has such great instincts with makeup, I knew that they would choose carefully and would give her customers the best of the best.

That said, I am pretty jaded when it comes to new makeup lines. To me, a lot of them seem totally boring--it seems like anyone and everyone is starting one. Take, for example, the Trina Tarantino line for Sephora. Bad makeup. Bad packaging. Great design, however. It felt like that was the main purpose--Great design, forget about making good makeup.

Face Stockholm is the real deal. They have interesting colors, both for their eye shadows and their lip sticks. But the best thing I bought is their foundation. I love that there's so many things to choose from--but it's overwhelming for me. Enter the Blush Girls. One of my favorite ones took me in hand and led me to the promised land. I told her that although I have a lot of choices of foundation in my makeup kit, I was bored with them (such is the life of a makeup junkie). I also have deep dark circles under my eyes. As I have said before, I am constantly looking for the nirvana of undereye concealer. My BG first put on a neutralizer called Blue. It's supposed to counteract your natural color. She put Magic Wand 3 on top of it. It's got a little highlighting materials in it that look truly great. Then she used a foundation brush and put Picture Perfect Foundation Shade A. It claims to camouflage all my surface imperfections and accentuate the contours of my face for a flawless demi-satin finish.

I just loved the overall effect. It isn't too much--you know how too much feels totally gross? This doesn't. It's just the right effect. As a true lazy girl, I love being able to walk in the store and have my BG pick out the perfect thing for me. Of course, after my skin looked so great, I needed a new Face Stockholm blush to go with it! And a lipstick. That was it. Promise. For now.


  1. Super Amazing Colors !! Love, Love, Love it !!!

  2. Face Stockholm is now near and dear to my heart. Can I just say that their mascara is awesome. It reminds me of one that Blush used to carry, Longcils. Plus it comes in many colors.