Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rachel's S.O.I Weekly Edition # 8

Along with our super star Megan, little old me is training to run a half marathon in June with my dad and sister! This means lots of hard work, and lots of the elements since it apparently snows in Portland in April now.

A couple of days ago Jai and I decided to try to replicate this beautiful look Jessica Alba has been wearing that I'm obsessed with, we did it with the Lorac palette that includes a primer, and used their 3 in 1 waterproof liners. I felt so pretty I didn't want to take it off for my run, so I didn't even though it was pouring like crazy. The exciting thing is that I ran 2.6 miles in a downpour, then did an hour of Barre 3, and when I got home I did a little cleanup underneath my eyes, but the look was still there! I feel like we really put it to the test here!

Those things along with the eyeko mascara and Susan Posnick Colorflo, I coudn't be touched!


  1. We should both wear your makeup combo when we run our 1/2 marathon (I bet we could get dad on board too) for our photo finish. You'll still look prettier than me when we're done though!

  2. Where is the picture of this said Jessica Alba look and the recreation?