Monday, March 7, 2011

Rachel's S.O.I. Weekly Edition #6

I'm in need of a brow wax. You'd think that would be easy considering where I work, but these girls are busy! I refuse to do my own due to the amount of time I spend lecturing others on how naughty that is, and due to the fact that I've made some mistakes before...

I want to hear your best brow story, weather it was that embarassing trip to the nail salon that we all regret, or how you never knew it could be so good, and everything in between!

Full disclosure: My story would have to be the first time I ever got my brows "done". I worked at a diner in the town I grew up in as a hostess, and the other host, a fierce man with more style in his pinky than I had in my whole closet, told me my brows were a mess and he was goiong to fix them. The next day I came to work, tweezers in hand, and he styled and shaped them for me! It took about an hour in the lobby of the restaurant while we were both supposed to be wiping down menus or something like that, and at the end they actually had a pretty good shape! I wouldn't recommend trusting them to strangers, but thank god someone finally told me how out of control they were!


  1. The first time I ever got caught pilfering my dad's liquor cabinet was also the first time I ever plucked my own brows. I'd read in a magazine that it helped to numb them with alcohol, so I got my dad's whiskey out. I didn't drink any, I swear.

  2. I remember my first time was when I going to graduate from College, and my girlfriends told me to get them done. I never had them waxed before, so I was nervous. Me and the girls hit the salon, and they did it for changed my life. Now I live in Portland, and I have Rachel do my brows, she is great.

  3. I cut my bangs long to cover my skinny brows while they grew back out after a bad experience.