Monday, March 21, 2011

Rachel's S.O.I. Weekly Edition #7

How far do you go with your man?

I've got a pretty good boyfriend. He's pretty understanding about the fact that I like to spend some time on my skin and beauty! I've got a co-worker who has a strict "no sleeping in face masks" rule. In my household it's just the opposite. In fact, he'll join in! About once a week, I'll decide my skin needs some concoction and come out of the bathroom looking somewhere between the movies hairspray and silence of the lambs, and his respone is so lovingly "I think I need a masque too."

It's so refreshing to feel together on skin care! I even caught him sneaking my new Bare Minerals cleanser the other day! It's hard to stay mad, although I do have a little hiding spot for my faves!

So ladies, how far do you guys go on sharing skincare? I've heard everything from "We had to fight over our ANSR beam on our wedding night" to "He refuses to wash because he thinks he's too sensitive"!


  1. I caught my man using my Arcona & ANSR.

  2. I refuse to let him use my Clairsonic, but he has more Dermologica than I do!

  3. He loves the Kings and Queens vanilla pear body wash I brought home but yet I cant get him to use conditioner....?