Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rachel's S.O.I. Weekly Edition #5

Photo of Katrina & Rachel at blush beauty bar

This could be an obvious question, drink water, duh, but this time of year that's not enough for my poor dry skin! The difference between oil rich skin and properly hydrated skin is super important, you can have an oily skin type and still experience dryness. I personally have noticed with all this Portland weather mayhem the last couple of weeks, I'm a little duller than I'd like, and I'm experiencing more redness than usual.

Of course here's my fixes, knowing lots of us are in the same boat here;
I've been using my Karuna Anti Oxidant and Hydrating masques, they are a cheese cloth soaked in special concoctions, the cloth is specifically designed to hold in more product, therefore more moisture!

I also have enjoyed Arconas' Wine Hydrating Masque, leaves me feeling smooth and firm!

These paired with regular exfoliationg and the occasional skin treatment keep me happy all year round!

Are you having to step it up?

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  1. I have a coworker who wrote a note that hangs in our back room to remind us to drink water. Bless her heart, I think its working!