Monday, May 24, 2010

Dr. Kiss Lip Balm Review by Lazy Girl

There are a few beauty products that I just buy multiples of--lip balm and mascara are two. By that, I mean, I will buy several different brands of an item because I want to find the “nirvana” product. Of course, with the beauty world changing and improving all the time, finding that perfect product is impossible. But that doesn’t stop me!

I buy lip balm all the time. I like to have it stashed in almost every floor of my house, in the pockets of my coats, or in my car. I don’t have particularly chapped lips or anything, but there’s something comforting that I know that if I forget my lipstick (unforgivable!) I can quickly find something to put on my lips. Needless to say, I am NOT loyal to any brand.

Before you all go start getting “Carmex” on me, let me tell you about a lip balm that I think I may have to drop all my other ones for. Dr. Kiss. by Vanitymark has everything I look for in a balm. The taste is incredible (hate the ones that smell good, but taste like the beeswax it’s made out of) and the shine isn’t too glossy (I am talking to you, Kiehls!). Best of all, its packaging is super cute--it looks like a little pill!

The product seems to work, too. I usually swipe it on before bed and my lips feel great in the morning. I went to the coast last weekend and put a dap of it on a dry spot on my face and that was mostly gone by morning, too.

So, until something better comes along (it usually does), I am sticking with my Dr. Kiss.

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