Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Susan Posnick Colorflo Foundation

I thought as a lady who has recently switched over to the world of mineral powder foundations, my two cents may be valuable.  I must start by saying that for ages I was using super heavy cream and liquid foundations, and experiencing a mix of coverage depending on what I was using, but I definitely tried 'em all.

When one of the Blush girls recommended I try out Susan Posnick Colorflo foundation, she had such amazing things to say about it, I was sold.  I immediately got matched for a color and got the brush, which is nice because it's refillable.  You invest in the brush once and it lasts from what I hear about two years and then all you have to do it refill it with the powder in your color.  This seems awesome to me too because if I need a different color for summer, the refills last me about two and half or three months, just long enough to make my tanned face flawless and dewy, and then to go back to my "portland wintertime" look (pale). 

This isn't all that I love about Susan Posnick.  The brush is really convenient and compact, and it's got a lid to protect the bristles, but that's all mechanics.  As far as my skin goes, it loves this foundation!  There are only nine ingredients, and it's made to be non-irritating even to sensitive skin.  It never feels heavy, it doesn't move around, and it looks gorgeous. It allows my skin to show through instead of looking and feeling suffocated.  Her products are water resistant, sweat resistant and anti-bacterial.  The powder is super fine, and it goes on looking a little powdery but warms up with my skin and melds into it so you can see that I have skin underneath it!  The coverage is something I've had to work with, having a few blemishes.  What she recommends is you open up the brush and grab a little more powder with a concealer brush to get more concentrated coverage from it.  I've followed these instructions, and I still need to use a concealer for my darker areas, but her product is pretty amazing, and it never feels like I'm wearing anything super heavy on my face.  I get more compliments on my skin when I'm wearing this than ever before!

All in all, Susan Posnick is AMAZING.  She also has blushes, lip stains, eye colors, bronzers, and much more, all in convenient applicating containers, and beautiful colors that seem to suit all different types of beauties!  Check 'em out at Blush Beauty Bar soon!!


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  1. Susan Posnick was the first professional makeup artist I worked with when I was a model (years ago!). She was a total perfectionist, a trait she has carried over to her line of fabulous cosmetics. I have thrown away every powder and foundation AND facial sunscreen in favor of COLORFLO. It looks as if you're wearing nothing at all, yet it smoothes out everything we don't want the world to see. I am the last person to call a cosmetic "life-changing," but this one has certainly been life-enhancing or life-simplifying! I love it.