Monday, April 19, 2010

The Beauty of Getting Personal

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When my friend Carrie asked me to try the Boscia "moisturizing" products, I was thrilled. I am one of those fortunate women that didn't have early signs of aging on my face, now at 47... well, things are changing. My skin had been on the oily side through my thirties and young forties, but thanks to hormonal changes, my skin is dry now and definitely showing more "lines". Oh, if I could only sleep on my back!

Carrie gave me two Boscia products, Revitalizing Hydra-lift and Skin Refining Treatment, and I tried each one as recommended for two weeks. They suggest wearing their product under your daily moisturizer the morning and night. Both products feel silky when being applied to the skin and absorb quickly. The Skin Refining Treatment is a bit lighter when dispensed from the bottle. My skin feels "refreshed and younger looking", but I did not notice a change in the appearance of pores or skin tone as noted in the product description. Perhaps, two weeks isn't enough time for those changes to occur. My preference is the Revitalizing Hydra-lift. It is "creamier" out of the bottle, but does not feel heavy on the skin. I love the soothing feeling, and it really does seem to provide lasting moisture, reducing the appearance of "the lines".

By : Tracy Prose

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