Friday, March 12, 2010

Lazy Girl Product Review - Lorac Spring 2010

As someone who loves to shop the newest makeup lines every season, it’s always exciting when a new season appears at Blush. The Blush Girls let me test drive the new spring line, which hasn’t appeared yet.

I’ve been wearing the eyeshadows this week. I like to wear a lot of eye makeup and tend to wear more than the average bear. So, these colors were great for me, but wouldn’t be necessarily for those of you out there who like a light eyeshadow. There are three new colors of their Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trios. I love Lorac’s eyeshadows because you can use them wet or dry. When they are wet, the color is just intense! And it lasts forever.

This one has a gorgeous teal, a steely black, and a cool sheer white. I applied the white first at my brow and in the corner of my inner eye. I smoothed on the black. It was pretty but too intense for my daytime look--even for me! I tapped the teal on the top with my flat brush and it became just beautiful. I got a lot of comments on it that day.

Of the three, this one is my least favorite. The highlight color is a pretty tame light gold. There’s a darker gold/bronze next to it. The last color is the real star in this trio. It’s a yummy forest green that I was excited to try. I tried my best to make this look pretty on me and failed miserably. The green got all over my face and I couldn’t get the bronzy color to show up on me. Sigh.

Star Struck:
This trio is a beautiful plum combo that turned almost purple on me. I loved it. I have light green eyes and this trio make my eye color really pop. I used the darker color up to my brow bone. I tapped the lighter color a bit over the dark and used the highlight color at my brow bone down to the darker color line. I then smudged them together to make it look seamless.

The trios are available at Blush Beauty Bar and online.


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