Friday, March 12, 2010

Gettin' Down With Primers

Lazy Girl's 411 on Primers:
I’ve been testing out several makeup primers in the past few weeks. First of all, I am incredibly lazy with makeup--hence my moniker. I like to put it on, but I don’t like to reapply or even give it a second thought once it’s on. So, when I was able to test drive a few, I was excited to have my makeup last all day. When I use primers, I usually put on my usual moisturizers and then apply. I will go put on my clothes for the day while it sets. After that, I like to apply my makeup to see how its settled on my face.

Girlactik Beauty Skin Primer Photobucket

I like Girlactik’s products a lot and use a few of their products daily. The primer looks like moisturizer and doesn’t smell too flowery. It goes on well, but my one complaint is that the makeup doesn’t go on all that smoothly on top of it. The makeup lasts, though. I have used mineral makeup and regular foundation and it works pretty well.

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Photobucket

Full disclosure....I really hate this line. I barely like their mineral take my review with a grain of salt. If you love Bare Escentuals, you’ll probably love this. However, I don’t like the petroleum jelly-like consistency and the smell is just yucky. Despite those qualities, it sits pretty well on the skin--very silicone-y. As you can tell, it won’t be my go-to primer.

NARS Makeup Primer with SPF Photobucket

So, this one is just great all the way around. I love the fact that it has an SPF. I wear a moisturizer with an SPF, but it’s good to know that if I am in a hurry I can put this on alone and I’ll still have coverage. The consistency is like moisturizer and it settles really nicely into my skin. Putting my foundation over it is easy and it makes my makeup look natural.

All of these products are found online or at Blush Beauty Bar.

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