Friday, March 12, 2010

Lorac Spring 2010--Multiplex lip gloss

Lorac Spring 2010--Multiplex lip gloss

I feel really lucky! The Blush Girls let me try the Spring glosses before they’ve hit the stores. When I think of buying lip gloss, I don’t think to go to Lorac.

Some of the glosses in this launch are changing my mind.

When I am in the market for gloss, I am all about the packaging, the flavor, consistency, and finally the color. I’s kinda backwards, but if all the other things don’t work, I am never going to pull it out to use.

That said, this Spring line is hit or miss.

Untamed is a coral shade (very hot this Spring) that looks scary in the tube and sheers out when you put it on. It will look amazing on someone with a darker complexion.

Polished is a light pink that settles in as a clear gloss with a bit of subtle shimmer. It’s a good Saturday morning brunch gloss.

Cliche is a bright, bright pink with purple undertones to it. All you ladies with darker complexions will love this color! It really is stunning.

Vivid is also a pink with a gold shimmer. This one is my favorite. I have put it on and have enjoyed watching it wear down, It’s an all-around pretty shade.

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