Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Pre-Teen’s Perspective by Otter Girl

Right now, all of my friends are starting to get into makeup. My mom, being a person who loves makeup, got me started a little early with a little touch of eyeshadow and lipgloss. Now, being almost twelve, I wear the works.

When my mom got the spring collection of Lorac, I almost flipped out when I saw the colors of the eyeshadow trios. They were so pretty. I actually, for once, didn’t have anything to say!

To start off, I’ll talk a little about one of the trios, my favorite. It’s called Star Struck. I like it because it has a mix of light and dark purple. It’s also got a creamy color that might layer well with the light purple. The lighter purple is called Pinky Plum with Shimmer, the darker one Deep Wine, and the creamy one Pink Champagne with Pearl. Right from the start, I knew that I would be begging my mom for that one. I would use this one to school. If I used the darker purple on more, though, I would wear it to the movies with the creamy one.

Next, the trio called Rockstar. I like this one because it has a sort of dark blueish gray color that would go well with the black color that also is in the trio. This trio is finished off with a bright white. The white is called Pearl White, the blueish gray Shimmering Teal (oops! Maybe it was a teal color!!) and the black Rich Black. I think I would use this for parties or going to the movies.

The last trio is called Star Studded. I like this one a lot because it has a plum color and a green color that look like they would be soul mates. The other one in the trio is a sort of beige color. If you mixed the plum with the beige one I think it would like beautiful!! The beige one is called Golden Beige, the plum Shimmering Pale Peach, and the green a Shimmering Olive Green. I would use this one on the weekend, just to chill and watch movies with my friends.

Next the lipgloss. There are four of them. Out of all of them, I only really have two favorites. But that’s ok!

The first one is called Cliche’. It’s a very bright pink, which I myself would probably only wear on Valentine’s Day. It’s got a bit of shimmer in it, but it doesn’t overpower the pink. Although I wouldn’t wear this, if you have a darker skin type, I would definitely go for it.

The next one is called Untamed Sauvage. It’s a coral color, so if you like that kind of pink, this would be perfect for you. Personally, I like the coral part of it, and was genuinely surprised when it didn’t turn out as pinky coral as it was in the tube. It looks great on people who have a fair skin type.

OK. So this one is called Vivid. Vivid looks a lot like the Cliche’ one. So my review is similar to the Cliche’. If you have a darker skin type, definitely this is you. Cliche‘ is a little more pinky then this one, so if pink defines you go for that one, but if you like a lighter, softer, but still bright pink, then go with Vivid.

Last but not least, 3D. This color is beautiful. It is one of my two favorites. (The other being Untamed.) It’s a bronzeish rose color that will, honestly, take your breath away if you love makeup. (I mean, who doesn’t?) This is perfect for everything that you do that involves makeup. I highly recommend it.

Be ready for spring, because there are a lot of surprises in makeup that will, most likely, blow you away. Stay tuned for more!!

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