Monday, July 26, 2010

NARS Yachiyo Brush by Lazy Girl

NARS Yachiyo Brush

Recently, I committed an intervention on a friend’s blush. She usually has such great makeup, that when I sat with her one hot Saturday in her amazing store, I couldn’t keep it in any longer....her blush was wrong. I am the type of person that if you have something in your teeth, I will ALWAYS tell you it’s there. So, when I saw that my friend was wearing a too light pink blush and had applied it all the way up to her temples, I had to say something. We agreed to meet at Blush to find her perfect color.

I got there early and recruited one of the Blush girls to be my conspirator. She sat my friend down and helped her find her perfect (for now!--I AM a makeup junkie, after all!) But here’s the thing--finding the blush was wonderful, but what my friend got out of the session with my Blush girl was the fact that she had been putting her blush on totally incorrectly.

As a girl of a certain age, I was first taught to put my blush on from my cheekbones up to my temple, all the while sucking in my cheeks. Ok ladies, we aren’t in the 80s anymore! Enter my FAVORITE brush. The NARS Yachiyo brush. It has this interesting gently tapered spiral dome head, and a hand-spun black wisteria thingies around the handle. This brush is perfect for application of powder and color. Its multi-functional design is excellent for defining cheekbones, highlighting the complexion, as well as blending and diffusing color on or around the eye area. You just lightly brush it over the apples of your cheeks and voila! perfect blush every time. Add some bronzer in your T-zone, and you have a great, healthy look. My philosophy is that you just need to look like you’ve run around the block....not like someone has just slapped your face. (Which I am very grateful my friend did NOT do during my intervention!)

By Lazy Girl

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