Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peter Thomas Roth Antiaging Buffing Beads Body Wash

I have been getting my "downtown" waxed for the past few years--brazilian, if you must know. So, the outbreaks of ingrown hair are a fairly new issue for me. I have been happily au natural until now and haven't had to deal with this problem. Ingrown hairs are painful and annoying. I have tried a number of things to mitigate this problem, with very little success.

This last month's waxing yielded many more "issues" than before. So, I turned to my Blush Girls for some help. After carefully listening to my litany of complaints (don't you just love a sympathetic shoulder to cry on?), she pointed me in the direction of Peter Thomas Roth's Anti aging Buffing Beads Body Wash.

I usually can't stand body washes. They are usually too stinky for me and don't really seem to do anything at all. But, I trust my girls, so I bought it and vowed that my issue can't get any worse.

The next morning, I tried it and continued using it. Within a few days, my situation started clearing up and while it's not completely solved, it definitely looks better. I love the beads---they aren't too rough. I like the scent--it's delicate and not overpowering. Best of all, it's making my skin feel great. My eczema on my legs is actually getting better.

So, a big result from one product--a lazy girl's dream!

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