Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stila Custom Color Blush

Stila Custom Color Blush Review By Lazy Girl

One thing in Stila's Fall line is super cool--a custom color blush. It's supposed to be the perfect color, no matter what color or texture of your skin. Now, I don't usually go for gimmicky stuff like this....I mean, if it's perfect, then why do you continue to offer other colors? Why doesn't every makeup line have this "perfect" technology for blush?

I am a total magpie when it goes to make up, too. I am all about the packaging and the smell. So, when I looked at this blush, I was very turned off. It's a really, really pink blush--the kind of pink that doesn't look good on anyone. The kind of blush that was popular in the 80s. But, I gamely tried it.

Wow. It really did look good on me. It delivered a natural blush--a glowing pink that seemed almost like I had nothing on. So, I turned to my Blush Girl and made her put it on. I even made her use the brush I was using. It looked good on her too.

The technology isn't so scientific as it is just a finely milled product that deposits a sheer layer of color on top of your skin. As someone who doesn't like a whole lot of blush, this is a good addition to my makeup bag. That works for me.

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