Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stila One Step

I wear a good amount of makeup, but the one thing I don’t ever wear enough of is blush. The Blush Girls tease me whenever I insist that I really did put blush on that morning. As a true Lazy Girl, I am not someone who will reapply anything (except for lipstick and gloss) during the day--not powder, not concealer, not blush. So, when Stila’s spring line included a little gem called One Step, I was intrigued....

There are about six colors to choose from, but I bought Rosie Posie. It’s a terrifyingly pink color. It claims to combine the benefits of primer, lip color, eye shadow, and cheek color in one formula. It also says that the color is build-able and long-lasting. Hmm. I have fallen for this trick before (can we talk about the MAC Prowear Lipstain Marker? Looked great on my hand and for about two minutes on my lips and then fades away....ugh!) and was VERY distrustful that this product would deliver.

So, I have been testing it out in different ways. It seems to me the best way to wear it is over my foundation, although wearing it under the foundation and letting the color show through works, too. I have to say, I really like it. The pink is very natural--it looks like a just took a quick walk around the block. And, most importantly, it lasts!

When I put it on, the Blush Girls congratulated me. Finally! Enough Blush. I aim to please.

By : Lazy Girl

On Sale at Blush Beauty Bar - 513 NW 23rd AV - 503.227.3390

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  1. We have this in Europe now thanks for the excellent review.

    Jayne xx